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Safe Now for 501
Giggling Jensen
gigglingkat wrote in spnsafehouse
Below the cut are interviews and promo pics that are now spoiler free if you've seen through the latest broadcast episode. 501

Kripke Loves Us (Interviews with the Writers or Production Crew)
Comic Con was spoilers through 505 (possibly higher) I'm waiting to post it all at once. I can't even tell if Ben Edlund's kidding, using a metaphor, or actually revealing a spoiler anymore. I love this show. If you absolutely MUST see something Watch the first 8 minutes here where Kripke shows how well he knows us.
Van Con was spoilers through 507 (possibly higher) I'm waiting on that as well. But if you MUST have it - leave a comment and I'll tell you which panels to skip. (WARNING: I'm being vague because telling you which panels to skip kinda give away the spoiler.)

Jared Is a Spoiler Whore and Jensen is Pretty (Interviews with the boys)
Scans of SPN Magazine with only mentions of last season. (Note: the mag incorrectly says Jensen is up for Resident Evil 4 - Jensen flatly stated at Vancon that he was not up for ANY feature roles at the moment. "I have this day job-" - Apparently if fans say it enough, it DOES become true!
Blurb from SPN Magazine where Jensen talks about his first impressions of Misha. This will later be conveyed to Misha at VanCon. Where he responds that he thought Jensen was a prick too. (In very tongue in cheek manner.)
missyjack found found WB Interviews - remember the WB? It was the station that used to promote the show.

Misha Is a Fanboy (Interviews or other media about Misha)
Misha *IS* a Fanboy. To the point that he can't keep his mouth shut about episode 504 so he's not getting linked here!

Other Pretty People (Interviews with other cast members)
Jim Beaver Interview with iesb.net. Spoilers for "Bobby and the Hot Tub Girls" (HEE)
Jim also talked with these guys and spoiled more about something happening to Bobby.
Nicki Aycox talked about Dark Blue and how she's not on the show. She still managed to spoil a show she hasn't been on for over a year. That's talent.
Here's the announcement about the new Meg.
And how we found out about Lucifer

Relevant To Our Interests (Pictures and other things you may have missed avoiding spoilers - or just plain CRACK that must be shared)
_hopefulness_ found pictures from Entertainment Weekly. They appear to be circa 421 - When the Levee Breaks. I've gone to the photogs website. It's an anchored flash player so the caps that _hopefulness_ has are the highest res available.
Episode Promos courtesy of andreas_ri who has now gone spoiler free. I may stop doing these. zip file.
Our Twitter War was noticed by various media outlets.
Matt Roush finally got caught up with SPN and loves us.
The Story behind "O Death" (the song from the s5 promo) - if you missed downloading the song - You can get it here.
The guy designing the RPG gave a podcast interview. I don't know that I could play an RPG about a show where people RPG. My brain will only allow so much meta before meltdown occurs.
Anything I've forgotten the Wiki will have. THE WIKI KNOWS ALL!

As always, comment with any questions or feedback.

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OK, you keep commenting. Who are you and what have you done with Clex?



No, wait. That's zombies...

Yeah - pod people were the point and scream ones.

Demon possession?


Nope, typed that fine. Angelic possession?

Thanks so much for doing this. I'm totally anti-spoiler and lately every interview seems to have spoilers in them so I've had to just skip reading everything. Really nice of you to post this.

No problem. I was doing it for so many people on my flist - it's actually easier to put it in a com.

Thanks for these! I'll double check I've got everythign up at the Wiki. I'm also saving promo pics a SuperWiki photobucket account that you are welcome to link. Each epsidoe is in a sep folder.

That solves that problem. I'll point them to you and offer zips.

I also forgot to link to the wiki for 501. Damn. Linked it.

Edited at 2009-09-13 11:42 pm (UTC)

I only remembered like yesterday that you told me to check out your comm and I'm so glad I remembered! There is definitely a bunch of stuff in there that I skipped over the first time around. It's like.. a community service! Thanks for being awesome :)

YAY! Glad you like it after all that!

oh I like this. I wil join the comm \^^/
I missed so many interviews last year because I tried to stay spoilerfree.
Thank you so much for doing this now ^^

Welcome! I'm Kat - I'm the spoiler whore running the place!

I started the comm last season because I kept saying things to my spoiler phobe friends that made no sense to them.

The disconnect got really around the end of Season 3 because of the writer's strike I think.

Anyway - If you go further back in the comm's entries you can catch up on the season 4 interviews. I've spent the summer picspamming so you'll have to go a page or so back.

going back to "Old" interviews sounds like a good plan for the evening^^

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