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Safe Now for 502
Giggling Jensen
gigglingkat wrote in spnsafehouse
Below the cut are interviews and promo pics that are now spoiler free if you've seen through the latest broadcast episode: 502

Kripke Loves Us (Interviews with the Writers or Production Crew)
Comic Con as a whole is STILL spoilery. I'm beginning to think it's spoilery through 511 or 512 - Kripke and Edlund are definitely talking about 510 at one point. *draws sparkly hearts around her excited fandom* I traditionally like to wait and just link you to all the vids at once. It worked last year because I started this around 410 so was able to post. hmmm... I sense a poll.

Jared Is a Spoiler Whore and Jensen is Pretty (Interviews with the boys)
But neither seem to be interviewed for the beginning of the season. Kripke did say at Comic Con that was because he was making them work like dogs. While shirtless and sending us their love.
So I suppose it's ok.

Misha Is a Fanboy (Interviews or other media about Misha)
No really. He's such a fanboy.
Here's a Comic Con sample - I'm mostly concerened with the link going dead before I clear the entire con. Misha teases about the 502 reveal that he's on a GodQuest.

Other Pretty People (Interviews with other cast members)
Sam Ferris blogged about coming back to the show and how wonderous Jared's ass is.
JDM still loves us. But there are no rumors about recasting J2. It has a long wanky history that starts in fandom. I will not relate it.

Relevant To Our Interests (Pictures and other things you may have missed avoiding spoilers)
The RPG game has a preview up. And because I am OLD the fact that it's from Margaret Weis productions makes me giggle and want to read fic where Sam and Dean meet the Majere twins.

Have I forgotten anything? The Wiki will know it. (Also? YAY I remembered to link the Wiki! It took less than a year!)
The Wiki also has the promo pics. Including this one:

In which the boys apparently had a dress rehearsal with shades and one layer. *sigh*


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I don't blame them for the single layer. It was stinking hot in Vancouver this year. And I'm still trying to figure out where would have had snow on the mountains at that time!

Thanks :)

I blame production for then putting the layers ON during the show.

I'll check the Vancon journals - the tour location went through it - and 504 is the watchmen set.

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