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Safe Now for 503
Giggling Jensen
gigglingkat wrote in spnsafehouse
Below the cut are interviews and promo pics that are now spoiler free if you've seen through the latest broadcast episode: 503

Comic Con ('cause it's getting ridiculous)
I'm really beginning to think they're LYING about some of the stuff... but Comic Con is still officially spoilerish as is VanCon
But The 2 clips here of Misha and Jim are spoiler free. (503 shows the "personal space" gag)
Kripke talking about how much of this was always planned is spoiler free.
"Dean Takes Cas To A Whorehouse" was also leaked at Comic Con. (There are vids with better sound - I'm looking for them)
This link will take you to a backstage interview with Jim Beaver. It's spoiler free. When it's done, it will cue up to Kripke's interview (also spoiler free) and from there to Misha's Interview (spoiler free). So YAY. BUT do NOT go back up and watch Sera's or Ben's interviews. They are still spoilery.
More Comic Con - this was backstage and the "doorway" scene Misha is talking about is in the beginning of 502. When Cas can't heal Bobby. This over laps the Misha video from above.
TV Guide Interview with Eric Kripke about the setup of Season 5.

That's all she wrote folks. There are no interviews with the boys from pre-season. There's one with Jensen coming next week, but we're definitely in dry times.

As always, if I've missed something, The Wiki Will Have It. The Wiki also has the promo pics


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As ever, thanks for keeping us Spoilerphobes in the loop after the fact.

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