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Safe Now for 505
Giggling Jensen
gigglingkat wrote in spnsafehouse
Below the cut are interviews and promo pics that are now spoiler free if you've seen through the latest broadcast episode: 505

Kripke Loves Us (Interviews with the Writers or Production Crew)
- he also loves Paris Hilton (gotta admit, I love that she got the joke)
Sera loves her too.

Jared Is a Spoiler Whore and Jensen is Pretty (Interviews with the boys)
Translation and scans of a French magazine interview with Jensen.

Other Pretty People (Interviews with other cast members)
Not an interview - but a news piece about Paris' tweet re: being on set (The comments are full of people who didn't listen to Kripke.)

Relevant To Our Interests (Pictures and other things you may have missed avoiding spoilers)
WARNING: There is a title spoiler for 507 on this link. EW articles on returning shows. Not something I normally link to, but people were warned away because it was a spoiler. SPN is page 13. PLEASE NOTE: This link is to a spoiler site. Do not click other links on the site.
A fan found the location shoot and took pictures of the boys in suits. (As one does.)
Promo pics for 505

And if I missed anything - the Wiki will know it!



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