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Safe Now for 506
Giggling Jensen
gigglingkat wrote in spnsafehouse
Below the cut are interviews and promo pics that are now spoiler free if you've seen through the latest broadcast episode: 506

Kat Loves You (General Spoiler Updates)
Comic Con's main panel remains spoilery through at least 5.10 and possibly beyond. This fills my spoiler whore soul with glee but makes me nervous that the links will remain. But YouTube doesn't seem inclined to make people take the convention vids down so I'm not posting yet.

Vancouver Con is spoiled through 5.08 and that's a firm one.

The Pretty People (Interviews with cast members)
Paris Hilton blurb that I forgot last week. She - like every co-star they have ever had - loved shooting her episode.
Supernatural goes overseas - but I don't know where?

Relevant To Our Interests (Pictures and other things you may have missed avoiding spoilers)
UPDATED GALLERIES! There were new pics released for 503 (Free To Be You and Me) and 504 (The End) as well as the promos pics for 506.
Jensen had a long weekend - so apparently the begging worked.
Jared didn't - he got back on the weekend.

And that's all I've got. If I've missed something - The Wiki Will Know!!!

REMINDER: This week is re-run of 501 and then we get 4 in a row followed by mid-season hell.

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Hee. You're quite welcome.

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