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SPN Spoiler Safe House

Filtering Out Spoilers and Sharing the Squee

Supernatural Spoiler Safe House
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Posting Full Interviews and BTS Photos AFTER the episode airs and it's SAFE
I made this community because although I am a self proclaimed "spoiler whore", many of my friends are not. And while I don't understand not wanting spoilers, I know how to talk to people and remain vague.

Purpose of this community:

1. After every episode airs, I'll post a list of links to interviews and promo pics that you might have been avoiding but should now see. Because really, our fandom fangirls us back and you should really see first hand how much.

2. A place to ask questions about things you thought you heard or a whisper of something but you're not sure and you're afraid to ask for fear of spoilering yourself even more. More information here.

spn_onthewagon a "support group" for Spoiler Phobes. If you feel the urge to click that spoilery link - they'll talk you down.